Born Nu’u Sing-Kahalehau on the island of Maui, Hawaii, Nu’u (pronounced “New-ooh”) has been connected to music his entire life. From his father, who is also a music artist to his family connection to the Hawaiian culture and hula. Nu’u has always had rhythmic waves moving through his mind and ears. At the early age of 4, he would sing along to anything he heard. Literally anything. He sang along to songs, movies, even local commercials on tv and memorize words and melodies at a very young age. His musical ambitions grew greater at the age of 8 when he picked up the ukulele and learned church hymns from his grandfather. For his 13th birthday, he was gifted with a guitar which would become the staple instrument in his music creative process. He has had musical influences from around the globe with reggae being one of the main driving forces in his musical pursuit. He has been a part of musical acts and bands such as Hawaii island reggae groups Maoli and Malino as well as Josh Tatofi just to name few.

Now Nu’u is on his own musical journey as he has recently released his debut single “Like You.” The single has hit #1 on radio charts throughout the Hawaiian Islands and trending in the United States, New Zealand and Australia. The single was also featured on the iTunes and Billboard’s top 100 reggae charts as well. It is available now on all digital music outlets.

Nu’u is in the process of finishing his debut album entitled “House of the Son” coming your way soon!