Building this website

So I'm creating this website as I write this and this 1st blog is partially to test out the blog aspect of the website. So thanks for being part of the test! Building the website has been fairly time consuming with writing up code and mapping everything out. Just kidding I've literally been just drag and dropping photos while listening to John Mayer's "Love On The Weekend" and eating a brownie.

Nonetheless its been a process but then again isn't anything vital to your success a process? I've never had a website before but have made many attempts to try and build one. Even on my own. Trust me. Have someone else do it. Or do it on a 3rd party site like Square Space or Wix. I felt like I was going blind trying to learn how to code.

Anyways I should probably get back to finishing this thing so you (if anyone ever reads this) can actually enjoy it.